The Inspiration for “The Unique You” Children’s Book

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"The Unique You" Children's BookAs an Intuitive Life Coach, I have the pleasure of working with individuals of all ages. The world is in need of people who know their self worth, without placing judgment that they are less than or better than others. Ideally this can start at a young age. “The Unique You” story encourages children and adults to come to know themselves, honor their differences, and discover their strengths and individuality. “The Unique You” was inspired as I coached children how to develop confidence and self-esteem.

My hope is that we can all recognize our worth and individuality as well as our connection to others while on our earth’s sojourn. By doing so, we eliminate prejudices and bullying and replace them with love and acceptance. “The Unique You” is a beginning to teach individuals from infants to ninety years of age that they are wanted, loved and unique. The critter ‘Unique’ was inspired by the energy centers the ethereal human body exhibit called chakras. Each color of chakra is represented on Unique. The solar plexus (yellow on his belly) or power center as some call it, is the largest of all and represents a knowledge of who we are.

May you and your little’s come to know your worth and “The Unique You” you truly are!

Sandra Weller